“Don’t Be . . . JUST BE”

Don’t be (envious), just be (happy) is our motto. We want our brand to be empowering and bring joy. A brand that supports positive self image.

We are proudly Aussie and our collection of Tees Hoodies Caps and Trackies are all produced here in Melbourne. All our clothing is ethically sourced and manufactured.

NVyes was born in ISO when we took the opportunity to reconnect with family, friends and community via means other than in person.

We want to encourage acts of kindness, gratitude and compassion. Whether it be supporting our charity partner TOL through purchase, supporting local business or recycling our reclaimed plastic satchels by returning them to be recycled again at Coles or Woolworths Supermarkets. Reducing landfill and protecting the environment.

Our charity partner TALK OUT LOUD empowers young people to make positive life choices and become actively involved in their community. TOL’s mission is to foster the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the individual. Using motivational workshops and presentations as well as popular camps and retreats, to raise awareness for youth mental health and suicide prevention by building resilience and hope in young people. $5.00 form every purchase will go to support this worthy cause.

Don’t Be … JUST BE.